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Tse Pub is one of the largest chains in Ulaanbaatar, offering budget-friendly products and friendly service with a fun atmosphere. Tse Pub opened its first branch in 2000 and became the pioneer of the BlueMon Group, currently operating in 11 branches.


Since its opening, it has become a well-known brand and a favorite place for university students and youngsters. Therefore, there is an interesting fact that almost all youths under the age of 40 in Ulaanbaatar have been served Tse Pub at some point. Today, we serve an average of 8,000 people a day.


As a brand of for youths, we are always keeping pace with the new generation, learning and experimenting with innovative and sophisticated ways to serve our customers quickly. To provide fast and reliable service to our customers, we use modern service equipment, such as tablets for waiters and inter-employee headphones.


We offer 25 dishes to suit the tastes of our young customers. Raw products that meet the highest standards of hygiene and taste are supplied by the best suppliers, and we aim to deliver them to our customers at low prices.


Although it offers a very low price, why not provide a clean environment that meets a comfortable world standard? As a result, our pubs have a world-class lounge interior. We have interiors designed by the best design organization based on marketing research to create an environment that is attractive to young people, which is the business card of Tse Pub. In this way, when we enter any place of ours, it gives a sense of identity that anyone can recognize as the face of the Tse Pub.