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Brand “The Bull” was founded in 2007, for the first time it introduced the hot-pot culture into the local market, as of today we are well-known for expanding its presence into 5 main branches and 1 VIP branch throughout Ulaanbaatar, with at least 2000 guests enjoying our unique tastes every day, making it a great choice for not only for local customers but a must-visit spot among foreign visitors to enjoy authentic Mongolian hot pot.


As a restaurant chain who leads in a daily number of customers and in hot-pot culinary expertise in the local market, our core essence is the uniqueness of beef bone soup, which are prepared by boiling beef marrow bones for over 72 hours. Customers have 7 different choices of flavored bone soup to start its hot-pot experience. From the secrets of the most famous Mongolian hot-pot



We take pride in serving 100% nomadic grass-fed meat. Complete free of chemicals, steroids, hormones. The quality of meat we serve is not only in the origin of the livestock but also in the care it receives which had proper treatment and balanced feeding.


The sense of modern interior design mixed with traditional East Asian inspired touch makes a perfect welcoming social networking table for family and business.